Hasan Harman
Hasan Harman

Hasan Harman

Curious engineer & Frontend developer from Istanbul 🇹🇷

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Hostbot Inc.

2023 - Today

Frontend Developer & Director at Hostbot Inc.

Hostbot is the first property management software in Turkey. I'm responsible for the technical frontend architecture and development of the project. We developed this system with Nextjs Tailwindcss and server actions.


2023 - 2024

Frontend Developer at Clup.com

I was responsible for writing reusable components with Nextjs and establishing the frontend structure of the project. I personally developed the user profile, messaging and payment steps using Stripe.


2022 - 2023

Full Stack Developer at Closar

Closar is an AR company focused on the houses. I help them create website starting with Angular then we moved to react. My main contribution here is to designing and coding the onboarding part specially. I have used Firebase v9 for Database, Storage, Authentication and Functions. Then I create a digital guide for home owners.

Pacemaker Inc.

2021 - 2022

Frontend Developer at Pacemaker Inc.

Pacemaker is a multidisciplinary digital agency. I initially joined Pacemaker as a frontend developer and successfully progressed to the role of a full-stack developer over the years. During my tenure at Pacemaker, I contributed to nearly 20 projects within a span of 2 years. In my final 6 months, I assumed the additional responsibility of managing the development team.


2020 - 2021

Software Developer (Intern) at Vestel

My involvement in developing a portable game console for Vestel phones led to a job offer directly from Vestel. Initially, I primarily focused on smart home applications, where I specialized in crafting user interfaces using Swift. Subsequently, following a departmental transition, I took on the task of coding a dial test simulator for electric cars.